Kitchens: Wide variety of materials, fine finishes, several design solutions,  qualified professionals, luxury brands: the perfect kitchen for you.

The kitchen is the main space in a home, it is the one that requires the most attention, in order to be comfortable and functional and hence livable. However, never neglect the aesthetic aspect as our proposals are the top in this regard. Products with exceptional finishes, highly manufactured materials, and clean, elegant lines will surely succeed in making you feel at home. The very high level of customization of these kitchens is of paramount importance. These allow you to adapt to every need and every space, thus making the experience of using these products even more personal.


Dada - Prime kitchen

Prime was created to fully express the potential of a kitchen characterized by throat opening. It is available in several compositional variants for the most sophisticated aesthetic needs. FINISHES:     Doors, columns and bases in maxxigloss mocaccino    Glass showcase column in bronze    Throats and clogs in pewter    Top in brushed grey stone    Raw...

Arclinea - Convivium kitchen

Convivium furnishes the walls of a room that becomes warm, welcoming, functional, with island-table in the center and corbels that run, above, around the perimeter.

Modulnova - Blade Lab kitchen

Blade Lab allows solutions that have never been possible before. The stone kitchen is the pinnacle of Modulnova projects. Thanks to research and new technologies it is able to transform a material notoriously heavy in a light material and compatible with the kitchen environment.

Modulnova - Frame kitchen

Frame comes with a frame door of new conception, extremely thin and with the handle carved into the perimeter.

Dada - Hi Line 6 Frame kitchen

Aluminium frame titan and pewter, with a selection of fine finishes for the facades. This is enhanced by the Frame Door version of the Dada Hi Line collection. In this particular composition, created specifically for our showroom, our Interior Design have added as an additional "plus" the columns of the Vela collection, making our Dada kitchen even more...

Elmar - Easy kitchen

This kitchen comes with very clear finishes, designed to be perfectly placed in environments not too large.   

Elmar - Home kitchen

Sideboards and wall units furnish a space of refined elegance. Sophisticated in the choice of materials and customizable in the composition of elements, @Home populates a kitchen environment that interacts with the living room.

Arclinea - Italia kitchen

Italia is the professional kitchen for the domestic environment, perfect for those who want at home the performance of the kitchen of a restaurant. Steel is the main material: ductile, hygienic, indestructible. All the rooms are organized, with extended hobs, two separate and differentiated washing zones: for dishes on one side and for food on the other.

Modulnova - Skill kitchen

Linear, minimal Skill uses new materials and surfaces to customise kitchen planning, adapting to all needs without forgoing a strong personality.

Modulnova - Fly kitchen

Fly with Corian top (sp. 3 cm) and white satin lacquered bases (also available in oak, open pore oak and resin). The doors are characterized by one or more sides with edges bevelled to 45 , which when combined with sides and countershaped tops allow to create a monolith without visible thickness.

Modulnova - Float kitchen

With our new programmes and finishes the kitchen and living room are ever closer, seamlessly blending to create a highly customised environment that meets the needs of the family.

Modulnova - MH6 kitchen

With the new programs and the new finishes, kitchen and living are increasingly connected, seamlessly, to create a highly personalized environment and respond to particular housing needs.

Dada - INDADA kitchen

Shapes, materials, colors and new details combined in endless compositions to build a unique and customized style.

Dada - Intersection kitchen

To use the words of Vincent Van Duysen himself, Intersection is “a project that plays with proportions, thicknesses and a mix of refined materials”.

Arclinea - Thea kitchen

To the extreme practicality and aesthetic essentiality, typical of the kitchen "without handle", Antonio Citterio today associates a series of details and design choices that allow Thea to interpret both the Wet and the Show kitchen.

Arclinea - Lignum et Lapis kitchen

The protagonists of Lignum et Lapis are stone and wood: their exclusive use, in the design and creativity of the project. The new door enhances the value of natural wood with its exclusive design in strips of variable width and distance.

Arclinea - Gamma kitchen

Gamma is the kitchen dedicated to the new market, to a new world that seeks accessible personal luxury, for everyday use but always extraordinary.

Arclinea - Beta kitchen

SKU 51665
Essential in design and functional in use, the handle Beta is a profile in aluminum painted in steel or black finish, or in the same finish of the door. Thanks to the flexibility of the door, available in two modules, the handle can be integrated, in horizontal or vertical position. Available in Laminate Fenix, Melamine Decor Wood and Melamine.