Jacuzzi - Sasha Sauna Hammam

Sauna and hammam define a modular and modular wellness space to meet every need. Sasha, unique and innovative solution.
The Hammam module with short side door offers a wide possibility of composition, to find location in the most different spaces: this makes Sasha a unique and innovative solution for every need of well-being.
stand-up showers

Jacuzzi - Frame IN2 emotional shower

The cleanliness of the shapes characterizes Frame IN2 that looks like a comfortable environment, where you can live all the functions dedicated to wellness: rain shower, tapping and nebulized, energizing waterfall, color shower with Cromodream³ cycles preset, Turkish bath and aromatherapy.

Jacuzzi - Sasha Mi Sauna Shower

It’s the two-module version consisting of sauna and hammam + emotional shower, a precious casket of wood, crystal and steel, ideal for the urban environment. It fits perfectly into a home setting or hotel suite.