Wellness and hydromassage tub; A range of products designed to offer wellness, pleasure, and unique experiences: from the hydromassage tub, to the pool, from the sauna to the treadmill. Wellness, in all its forms, finds a place in the home.

To date, home is beginning to incorporate all the activities that are usually exercised outside, such as a swimming pool, gym and spa. These are all activities that can be channeled into a single part of the house, always according to an accurate and organized design. This increases the livability index of own spaces by applying  an amplified reduction of post-work stress, or becoming its own corner of paradise.

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Jacuzzi - Nova hot tub

Its round shape becomes a distinguishing element of the entire bathroom. You can fit it into your space as you desire, in the freestanding or the corner version.
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Jacuzzi - Frame IN2 emotional shower

The cleanliness of the shapes characterizes Frame IN2 that looks like a comfortable environment, where you can live all the functions dedicated to wellness: rain shower, tapping and nebulized, energizing waterfall, color shower with Cromodream³ cycles preset, Turkish bath and aromatherapy.

Jacuzzi - Sasha Sauna Hammam

Sauna and hammam define a modular and modular wellness space to meet every need. Sasha, unique and innovative solution.
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Jacuzzi - J 13 PowerPlay hot tub

Spacious area for swimming, relaxing, and playing. Equipped with control Swmi Selector, Smartub, elastic cable with belt for static swimming and base with thermal insulation.Smart goggles and various accessories are available on request.
The Hammam module with short side door offers a wide possibility of composition, to find location in the most different spaces: this makes Sasha a unique and innovative solution for every need of well-being.
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Jacuzzi - J 575 SPA

The J-575 Spa has jets that gently massage the hips, releasing any tension and dedicated foot massage.

Jacuzzi - Sasha Mi Sauna Shower

It’s the two-module version consisting of sauna and hammam + emotional shower, a precious casket of wood, crystal and steel, ideal for the urban environment. It fits perfectly into a home setting or hotel suite.
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Jacuzzi - Enjoy Pro hot tub

Enjoy Pro is the new Spa of the line Jacuzzi Professional. ideal for intensive use, designed for small and medium-sized hotels and spas.
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Jacuzzi - Virtus hot tub

The new spa dedicated to hospitality is the ideal place to share a moment of well-being, have fun together and free your mind.
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Jacuzzi - J 495 hot tub

As the largest model the Jacuzzi® Brand offers, the J-495™ Hot Tub features up to 9 seating options and is notably distinguished by the high back design. Equipped with Pro Touch control panel, Smartub, operation indicator and quick emptying. Available on request Bluewave Stereo system and various accessories.
Alimia Pro is the majestically round spa, it’s circular shape surpasses the concept of design and makes of it a timeless icon in the world of Jacuzzi® hydromassage.
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Jacuzzi - J 16 PowerActive Hot Tub

The J-16 PowerActive has the power to maximise all swimming possibilities while ensuring the features and benefits of a top-of-the-range Jacuzzi Spa. Thanks to the therapeutic functions guaranteed by PowerPro jets. Available on request Bluewave Stereo system and various accessories.