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Vitra - Eames Plastic Chairs RE RAR base Black dark Maple glides

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The RAR RE is an Rocking armchair in all respects, whose iconic shape and whose base for rocking chair on wooden shoes create a focal point in any living room. Despite its compact size, it offers pleasant comfort.

Given the composition of the recycled materials, the different colour versions of the shells are sprinkled with tiny spots of pigment.


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Vitra - Eames Plastic Chairs RE RAR base Black dark Maple glides 

The Plastic Chairs are among the most famous projects of Charles and Ray Eames. A model has always distinguished itself within this large family of chairs: the Rocking Armchair Rod Base (RAR). Despite its compact size it offers pleasant comfort even for tall users and is available with seat cushion or full padding.
The RAR is an armchair in all respects, whose iconic shape and whose base for rocking chair on wooden shoes create a focal point in any living room.

Charles e Ray Eames

Charles and Ray Eames; They embodied 20th century design thanks to the creation of design icons and an experimental spirit. At the same time they marked the independence of the American context from European influences. After a new trip to Mexico, fundamental in shaping his aesthetics and technical approach, Eames opened an office with Robert Walsh. There, he met Ray Kaiser as his student. The latter, born in Sacramento, in 1912, was a promising artist interested in design, a skilled painter who previously studied at May Friend Bennett School (New York), and founded the AAA-American Abstract Artists group in the 1930s. Charles and Ray Eames got married in 1942 and then moved to California: he worked on sets for MGM, but soon they started their experiments — as Plyformed Wood Company — with curved plywood for prostheses and medical equipment, which granted them funds from the State, and advanced means of production. In Post-war years, this experimentation evolved into a season of great successes,where they created iconic pieces destined to become milestones in the history of design. The latter, presented at MoMA in 1946, were chosen by Herman Miller for production and marketing, thus starting a historic productive collaboration which is still in progress. The prototypes developed by the spouses consist of curved plywood into several separate pieces. This technique was preferred to that of the single piece for reasons of economy and versatility: DCW, LCW and LCM appear. The next steps see the integration of new materials and techniques, such as printable plastics, or glass fiber from one-piece armchairs from 1948. Metal is another point of great importance in this research. This is demonstrated by the combinations with wood of the Eames Storage Units and the LTR, or the plasticity of the metal mesh that structures the Bikini chairs. After a decade of studies, in 1956 the definitive version of the Lounge Chair and Ottoman will be presented, a design icon as well as the only exception to the Eames philosophy of "highest quality at the lowest price", with its metal and rosewood structure and leather upholstery.


Vitra is a Swiss company that produces furniture and interior design. Known for producing the works of important designers and architects.The headquarters are located in Weil am Rhein, Germany, where the famous Vitra Design Museum is also located.This story starts in the post-war years, when two Americans, both architects, Charles and Ray Eames, decided to help a furniture dealer.The collaboration led them to design and then produce masterpieces for interior design, which are still very current today.

Charles e Ray Eames
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