Antonia Astori

Antonia Astori; she was born in Milan in 1940.  She graduated in Industrial and Visual Design at the Athenaeum in Lausanne in 1966. Furthermore, since 1968 she has been collaborating as a designer with the Italian company Driade; she realized important systems and furniture projects intended as "bedroom architecture" and helped to define the corporate image with installations and exhibitions. In the system projects, which she conceived as an "open work" to whose final definition the user can contribute, she analyzes the formal potential. In the installations, created for exhibitions, shops and showrooms, it highlights the expressive qualities and applications of the products. Alongside his activity as a designer, she also works as an interior architect with projects for homes, offices, showrooms and shops. In this context, the collaboration with the French stylists Marithé and Francois Girbaud for the design of shops in Paris and in other cities around the world, the realization of the project for offices and showrooms of the Driade factory and in many shops of the above-mentioned company takes on particular importance.