Lalique Scultura Orso cristallo trasparente longho design palermo
Lalique Scultura Orso cristallo trasparente longho design palermo

Lalique - Bear sculpture clear crystal

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A work of unparalleled beauty, its splendor left enchanted.

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Lalique - Bear sculpture clear crystal

A significant factor of Russian culture, the bear appears in many Russian literary works, folklore, sayings and popular culture. Although this powerful and fearless animal is commonly considered dangerous, Russians affectionately see the bear as playful, good-natured, strong and protective. In 2018, he is associated with Bull, these two animals symbolize together the stock markets. For its part, the bull represents the one who speculates, believes in the growth of the market and buys. On the contrary, the bear who embodies the one who believes in the decline of the market and seeks to sell his titles. It is the balance of the bull and the bear in perpetual confrontation which symbolizes the balance of the markets.


Before becoming a brand, it was the name of a man, a genius artist, René-Jules Lalique and his heirs who shared his creative flame. René Lalique was born in Aÿ-en-Champagne in the Marne region of France. A few years later, the Lalique family moved to Paris, but continued to spend the holidays in Aÿ. René Lalique remained deeply attached to his birthplace throughout his life. In 1887 he opened a business in Rue du Quatre-Septembre. Already in 1888 he designed his first finely wrought gold Parures inspired by antiquity and japonism, breaking the tradition of jewelry with the inclusion of innovative materials in his pieces. In 1888,  he recorded his "RL" stamp and engraved the unique pieces created in his workshop with these letters.

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